Why You Don’t Need An Editor

Ten Reasons Why You don’t Need An Editor
You’ve written a book – well done, give yourself a huge pat on the back – you are now one of a small number of people who turn their dreams into a reality.
So now you just need to publish your book and watch the cash roll in? You don’t need an editor – or do you? Here are some reasons why you actually do need a professional to work with you on improving your book.
1) Aunty Ethel has read the book and thinks it is brilliant. She reads alot of books so her opinion is one you should really value.
2) Why would you bother paying a professional editor? Your going to check the book carefully yourself.
3) It is fine to make up words and smatterize them within the text
4) Readers won’t mind at all if you switch point of view at random throughout the text
5) They won’t mind either if you get the timeline completely wrong, or give a character blue eyes on page one and brown ones ten pages in
6) Readers love dialogue that is stilted. They really love dialogue that bears no resemblance to the way people really talk.
7) No one will throw your book down in disgust if your setting bears no resemblance to the reality. If your book is set in the racing world your book should actually reflect the reality
8) It doesn’t matter at all if all of your characters names sound the same, a reader will be able to differentiate between them all
9) No one minds reading reams of pages of irrelevant non action that does nothing to bring the story forward.
10) Your punctuation doesn’t matter one little bit, those fragmented sentences’, random, commas and incorrectspacing won t matter a t a ll,…

Still think you don’t need an editor..