We Want Your Book

We Want To Publish Your story.
You are unique. Your background, circumstances and character have made you into the person you are today. It stands to reason then that any story you have to tell, be it an autobiography or a work of fiction, will be unique.
Some people’s lives are incredible stories of bravery, determination and endurance. These stories should be documented and preserved for the generations to come. Sometimes these will be exclusively for the use of the immediate family, but others will attract a large audience and could sell in huge numbers if marketed accordingly.
Lavender and White Publishing works with clients who are independently publishing their stories. The best thing is that this service is so affordable. Gone are the days of having to print boxes and boxes of books. We can now print as little as one copy and then reprint as many or as few as you need.
Lavender and White was originally established to cater for the needs of writers who were self-publishing equestrian fiction e-books. It quickly became apparent that printed books were a requirement of our customers and so the business expanded and developed to cater for this. We are now seeing a further change to the services we provide and are expanding to take this into account. We are looking forward to working with customers who are publishing unique pieces of their own, both autobiographical, family biographies, fiction and non-fiction.