Verbatim’s Daughter

Verbatim’s Daughter is a novel of epic proportions by author Elizabeth Hill. The cover was designed by Lavender and White from paintings which were also done by the author.

author pic

Originally from Sudbury, MA, Elizabeth Hill began her relationship with horses as a child. She began to compete in Pony Club and went onto show and event until she started college.

After college she worked with her father to build two wonderful horse farms in Ocala, Florida, breeding, and training thoroughbreds for twenty years. Many top class horses were producing including a champion three yearr old of New England.

After selling the farms and raising two children Hill went on to work at show stables and eventing barns. Today she still has two mares she rides and cares for.

Hill also draws and paints. Horses are her favourite subject. Her love of horses is brought to the fore in this book which took some ten years to write.

Verbatim’s Daughter is available from as an e-book price £15.99