Lavender and White Publishing is a book production company for writers who are independently publishing their work. Please contact us if you are unsure whether our service would be right for you or if you have any other queries.

The format we require for books we are working on:-

All text should be saved as a Microsoft Word document. We request that all authors supply files in a format specified by us. If files are not supplied in the correct format we may be unable to proceed with the work or will make an additional charge for re-formatting.

Any images must be supplied separately and not embedded within the text document.
Images should be sent as print-ready jpegs scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi, A5 size or larger. We can scan images for you if required. All images should be labelled with a file name that helps us to identify the order and position in which they will appear in the book.

A copy of the manuscript with the image position should also accompany the work.

Copy editing and proof reading are recommended before the publication of any book. We would be more than happy to quote you a price for this service.

Other information

Please ensure that any content you supply is your own original work and that you own the copyright for any images you supply, or have written permission to use copyrighted material.

We reserve the right to decline to work on any book we believe is not the author’s original work or which is illegal or defamatory.

Whilst Lavender and White Publishing will obviously take very good care of your manuscript we cannot be held responsible for its loss so please ensure that you have a back-up copy.

Pricing structure will be based on the services requested by the author, and exclude any changes or additional services that may be requested by the author at a later date.

The royalties for books submitted to our online book shop are 80% to the author and 20% to Lavender and White Publishing.

All correspondence will be treated with the strictest confidence. The files pertaining to books which are not going to be worked on by us are deleted as soon as the client advises they do not wish to proceed with Lavender and White’s services.

Please email for further information