A Pony For Free by best-selling author Jacqui Broderick

“You can have that pony. If you can catch him.”

We are delighted that we have just published A Pony For Free, the sixth book by best-selling author, Jacqui Broderick.  One of our most popular authors, Broderick was born in England. She now lives in the West of Ireland.

About the author

Broderick had a successful career as contributing editor of a number of magazines.  In 1998 she established a lifestyle title which has been in print for over two decades.

Her first book, The Shane Broderick Story, was published in 1999. Her next book Trainers, was listed by Amazon as a recommended book for summer reading. Trainers was followed by Winners, Millionaires and a children’s book A Pony for Free.

She writes in a variety of genres, including romance, crime, historical and children’s. She has also ghost written a number of titles. The majority of her published books are set in the equestrian world.

A Pony For Free

A Pony For Free is set in Connemara; Cait longs to own a pony, but there is no way her parents can afford to buy one. When Danny, Cait’s neighbour buys a beautiful Connemara pony and loses it in the mountains it seems like all of Cait’s dreams are coming true. Although first, of course she has to catch the pony – not an easy task since he is running wild in the mountains of Connemara. From the harsh mountain winter of Connemara to the glory of the Dublin Horse show, A Pony for Free is the story of Cait’s battle to save the life of the pony and to conquer her own fear of riding, but even then her problems are far from over when the pony is taken away from her…