Keep growing your blog traffic

Keep on growing your blog traffic

Bloggers make mistakes. It is part of the learning experience. If you aren’t blogging you aren’t learning about what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few things that we’ve learned – hope they help you.

Be a communicator – writing is all about communicating, so just do what you are good at.

Respond to comments on your blog – not the spam ones of course!

Try to build a relationship and on-line friendship with those who leave comments. Visit their web sites/blogs and comment on something they’ve posted. Be yourself; treat others how you’d like to be treated.

Twitter is a great resource for bloggers – promote your posts, but if you contact other bloggers, respond to their tweets and repost their blogs you’re doing them a favour which will hopefully come back to you.

Use blog scheduling to send out your posts at regular times during the day – and night, that way you can reach people in different time zones.

Make sure your blog design is fantastic; hire our designers to make sure you have something that will help you stand out online.

Think about your blog posts from a marketing point of view. Make sure they contain information that readers will relate to.

SEO is of vital importance. If you are not using SEO properly you are missing out on finding readers. Add a keyword to your post and try to use it in your post’s title, in the content and  meta description – that’s the description that shows up under your post title in a search engine. There are plug-ins that are easy to use and which are very helpful. Browse online to see which are the most up to date.

But most important of all – keep updating posts, staying active on social media and chatting to people online. And just keep going!!