How to write a bestseller


Hi there and welcome to our new series on writing a bestselling book, during the course of the series we are going to have a look at why you should write a book and how to write something that you will be proud of and which will sell.

You might have a brilliant idea burning at the back of your mind – we will deal with that in another post, but equally you might be involved with horses as a professional and want to write something that will help your career. Here are some reasons why you should write a book if you run an equestrian based business.

A book will boost your business in the following ways:-
1. If you are working with horses – either as a trainer of horses or riders, or are involved in any aspect of equestrianism, what better way of finding potential customers is there than showing your knowledge by writing a book.

2. A timeless subject – or alternatively one that is timely – up to the minute in regards to customer demand is important. This is difficult since writing a book is such a long drawn out process your subject, unless well-chosen could easily be out of date by the time it is published.

3. Presuming you are a professional in your equestrian field and either an expert on the subject or have done extensive research readers will want to read your thoughts and learn from you.

4. Enhanced Credibility – Being the author of a book gives you a level of credibility like nothing else. Clients and potential clients will see you as an expert when you have written books on a subject.

5. Increased Knowledge – If you do it right, the very act of researching and writing a book will increase your knowledge of a particular field.

6. Increased Client Base – Many business owners say that having authored a book helps them get clients and increase their fees. After having written a book many business owning authors reported an increase in client enquiries. Being a book author is a great way to make your talents stand out from others in the same field.

7. Advertising – A book acts as a great, although slightly expensive business card. Without exception clients are thrilled to be handed a copy of a book you have written and the very fact that you are the author implies that you know what you are talking about.

8. New Income Stream – Selling the book to clients who may want to share your knowledge soon creates an income stream separate from your actual business.

9. Marketing and PR. – A book expands your possibilities for marketing and public relations, because you have stood up as an expert people are more likely to come to you for quotes and to take part in articles and radio and tv shows, This of course in turn has the effect of getting your name ‘out there’.

Clients of ours who have written and published books through Lavender and White have found that their credibility has increased boosting both their business and other income streams, with speaking engagements and other writing and business assignments.
If you haven’t got time to write, or don’t know where to start Lavender and White Publishing have ghost writers who will do that for you. If you need help with any book project either publishing or ghost writing please contact Lavender and White Publishing at – we would love to help you succeed.