At Lavender and White Publishing we know just how hard it is to write a book and how much time goes into editing and making the manuscript as polished as it can be. We want your book to achieve the success it deserves and so it is vital that your blurb copy is of an exceptional standard.

After an eye catching cover your blurb is the main way you have to attract a reader to your book. It is your main selling tool and needs to be concise and appealing; you have just a few short lines in which to grab the reader’s focus, hold it and make them want to read more.

A blurb is also one of the hardest pieces of writing an author will ever do. Whether this is your first book or are an experienced author who is having trouble with the blurb copy we can help. Our editors can help you make your blurb as accomplished and attention grabbing as it needs to be.

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