Using meditation to help with creative writing

Drigg Sand Dunes

Using meditation to help with your creative writing

I don’t know about you but I find that writing is a kind of meditation. In order to write you have to disconnect from reality and slip into the world your characters inhabit. I find meditating helps with plot problems that inevitably crop up, by disconnecting from the reality around and giving my brain chance to work it will solve the problems as if by magic.

How meditation helps

Mediating is known to have many benefits, but specifically for writers it can:-

Connect us to that all important creative space

Help with insight – as in my plot solving issues

Creates an internal space where the plot unfolds in front of your eyes and all you have to do is let your fingers move while the book writes itself.

Turn off the mind chatter that tells you writing is a waste of time, everyone will hate your book etc..

Other benefits include improving your concentration and focus

How to meditate

Because writing is such a solitary activity and because the whole point of doing it to help with your writing it is best to meditate alone, preferably near your computer or a notebook. I find that I can achieve a meditative state while out walking, just by practicing mindfulness which is another way of turning off that soul sapping mind chatter. I put a question to my mind, the universe, or wherever (I’m not sure where the answer comes from) and just wait.

I think the important thing is to be on your own, regardless of whether you listen to a meditation recording, or just let yourself ‘be’. Focus on your breathing, of the sounds around you, of your body moving, (or not), just put your cares to one side and don’t try too hard. Allow your mind to be quiet and do its job and you’ll find that inspiration will come to you.

Does anyone use this kind of meditation to help with writing?  What kind of problems has it helped you solve?