The five mistakes that new authors make


In their eagerness to launch their books onto the market new authors are prone to making five misatkes that really impact on their present and future sales.

  1. No rewrites – I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve heard new authors say, when advised to do re-writes ‘I’m not going to, everyone says my  book is brilliant.’ Everyone usually means their Granny, best friend, or partner. Get over it – the whole essence of creating a book is re-writing. All the best authors do it – with every book. Honestly re-writing is time well spent.
  2. No editing – ditto the above. Many new authors spend lots of their time writing a first draft and then they won’t put in the time to make the book good by working with a professional editor.
  3. No proofing – just because your computer software tells you there aren’t any mistakes in the text doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Often simple words like quiet and quite are used in the wrong context. Your computer won’t pick that up, but you can be sure as hell a reader will. The words, ‘filled with spelling errors’ written in a review are enough to put off potential readers.
  4. Poor cover design – it is easy to design your own book cover and cheap. But, as with everything you get what you pay for. A professional designer will create a cover that will grab reader’s attention and make them want to read the book – which obviously is the whole point of writing it.
  5. Poor marketing – an author’s job is not completed when they type The End on the final page of their manuscript, nor is it finished when they have a beautifully edited, proofed and professionally designed book. There is still a whole world of work to do promoting and marketing your book to make sure readers know about it.

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