Ten ways to promote your equestrian business through a non- fiction book – and how to be successful doing it.

1. If you are working with horses – either as a trainer of horses or riders, or are involved in any aspect of equestrianism, what better way of finding potential customers is there than showing your knowledge by writing a book.
2. Choose a timeless subject – or alternatively one that is timely – up to the minute in regards to customer demand. This is difficult since writing a book is such a long drawn out process your subject, unless well-chosen could easily be out of date by the time it is published.
3. If you have an idea burning in the back of your mind but don’t know where to start we can help drag it out of you – kicking and screaming is optional.
4. Your title needs to grab reader’s attention by being descriptive, shocking or in some other way attracting attention.
5. The book must be easy to read, well-written and carefully edited with attention paid to spelling, grammar, sentence structure and avoids scientific or technical terminology which will alienate the reader – Lavender and White can help with this.
6. Presuming you are a professional in your equestrian field and either an expert on the subject or have done extensive research readers will want to read your thoughts and learn from you.
7. Make sure your material is well-organized again Lavender and White can help with this.
8. The book presentation should be attractive and professional with an eye catching cover – see above – our professional cover designers will make sure your cover stands out and catches the attention of potential readers.
9. In order to be successful the book needs to be all of the above and yet must still be diligently promoted and marketed. Guess what – we can help with this too!
10. Not only can you sell the book (we can do this for you too) but books make wonderful gifts for clients and are a super promotional tool. But – see above – it is essential that the book is professionally produced and edited to ensure that you are marketing something that you can be truly proud of and which will have the necessary wow factor.