Ten reasons why you need an editor

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Ten reasons why you need an editor
The publishing world has opened up to writers. Getting your book published is no longer an impossible task. Now absolutely anyone can write a book and download it to a self-publishing web site. Unfortunately this also means that a lot of books that shouldn’t be published are available for anyone to read. Knowledgeable souls in the publishing world continually advise self-publishers to get help with editing, and not just copyediting but story editing too. And here is why:-

1) Just because you’ve written a book doesn’t mean it is worth publishing. You have one chance to make an impression – make sure it is a good one.

2) It is impossible for an author to see the flaws in a book they have spent many hours, even years toiling over. The worst thing a writer can do is to finish their book, check it over for spelling mistakes and unleash it on an unsuspecting world.

3) Every writer, even the big name writers of well- known bestsellers work with editors who check over their manuscript and hone it until it reaches perfection.

4) If your book is full of plot flaws, spelling and punctuation mistakes someone may buy it once, but they won’t recommend it to anyone, or buy anything else by you.

5) Just because your aunt Ethel and your best friends have read the book and all agree that it is wonderful – doesn’t mean that it is. Don’t forget they may be just ever so slightly biased.

6) While writing you won’t be able to spot these glaring errors as in your mind the story is accurate. An editor they will wonder if daffodils should be blooming in September and make sure that all of the threads in your book are followed to a proper conclusion. As a writer you have no doubt in your mind the motivation behind your character’s actions. Often though, in writing this is not shown properly to the reader leaving them confused and frustrated.

7) An editor will be a vital pair of eyes, checking for grammatical and spelling errors. Even a spell check on a computer won’t pick this up as there are many words that are incorrect in the context of the manuscript and yet are spelt right. There and their, know and now for instance would not be picked up by a spell checker.

8) The most enjoyable part of writing a book is actually sitting at the computer and seeing the characters come to life. You have spent time planning, got to know your characters and settings inside out, worked out the plot – the actual writing is the fun part.

9) Once you have typed THE END on the final page of your book the first thing you want to do is to share what you are sure is a work of genius with the world. But hold on – it is once the first draft is completed that the real writing work begins:- pruning, revising, perfecting.

10) Don’t be in too much of a hurry to publish your book. Be prepared to work on your manuscript, cutting, re-writing and then re-writing again if needs be. Respect the professional opinion of your editor, the unbiased eye that can take your book and turn it into something truly unforgettable.