Self Publishing Authors Wanted


We are back from our long winter break and are so excited about all of the new books we will be working on this year.
We really do know how lucky we are to have a career in the publishing industry, especially with Lavender and White Publishing because we help first time and experienced self publishing authors to achieve their writing dreams. Although Lavender and White was originally established to deal solely with e-books, we are now also working with authors to produce traditional print books.
We thrive on discovering new talent, finding a book that readers are going to love. There is nothing like reading a manuscript that sucks readers in and makes the hairs on the back of their neck stand up it is a feeling that is second to none. We are looking for books of every genre, non-fiction and fiction, crime, fantasy, contemporary, horror, anything.
We are looking for self publishing authors who can combine compelling storytelling, quality writing, strong central characters, good writing and a narrative that hooks us in and keeps our interest right to the end. We want to find books that we can’t put down, that will make us late for appointments or that we are still thinking about days after finishing. It is those books which combine a huge emotional punch with commercial appeal, something unforgettable books that readers will want to recommend do others as soon as they have finished them.
In terms of non-fiction – we are looking for something that tells us something new, a book that is well written, from an author with a unique and knowledgeable voice.
We are looking for authors looking to self publish who are keen to produce a book that will sell, working alongside us to make text that will stand out from the millions of others that are on sale. We provide a comprehensive service for authors from editing, proof reading, e-book conversion, cover design as well as printing. We can also mentor authors who need that bit of a push and can also build web sites, through a partner company, that will promote your work and get those all important sales.
Make today the day you start – who knows where your writing journey will take you. Lavender and White Publishing would love to hear from any authors and new writers – we can be contacted at