The rise and rise of audiobooks

Audio books are the new way forward. Independent authors are making huge inroads into the world of audiobooks and making fabulous sales. Audio books were once the domain of the disabled or blind. Books were made up of huge amounts of tapes, vast bulky packages. Now they can be downloaded at the touch of a button.

We are, it seems, according to research listening to more and more audio books. Listening is replacing reading. Its so easy, a pair of ear plugs and a phone and we can listen anywhere, in the car, while walking the dog, running a marathon.

There are multiple sites where audio books can be sold. And it has never been easier to produce one. There are a number of sites where authors can find narrators. ACX offers a range of options one of which includes a royalty sharing option so there is no initial outlay needed from the author. This unfortunately ties authors up to a long contract, but is certainly worth considering if finances are short. ACX also offers production only services so authors can pay for the book to be narrated and then keep all of the royalties.

Other companies include Findaway Voices and undoubtedly others will follow. Findaway is more like a dating service for narrators and authors, putting the two in touch.

It isn’t cheap though to narrate and produce an audio book, but the pay off is well worth the initial outlay. Authors can also narrate the books themselves easily with cheaply bought software, a quiet room and a decent microphone.

One of our authors, Louise Broderick is in the process of turning her back catalogue and current titles into audiobooks, seeing the benefit of having another income string for her titles. Her latest book, After, is being done by an ACX narrator. We are looking forward to listening to the results.