We are looking for new authors

What are we looking for?

Lavender and White Publishing are always on the look out for new and experienced authors to work with, seeing a project go from a vague idea to a finished book is something that really excites us. We really do know how lucky we are to have a career in the publishing industry.

For an editor the e-book age heralds a different way to view the written word and how it’s read by people, especially a more technologically adept new generation. The e-book explosion of the last few years has meant huge changes for the publishing industry, not least in the way that more and more new authors now have a vehicle which allows their work to be seen. Publishers are no longer constrained by the huge costs of producing a book, something which has been a delight to us as we can give rein to talent that would previously have been overlooked.

We publish very genre
We thrive on working with new talent. We are looking for books of every genre, crime, fantasy, contemporary, horror, anything just as long as it is well written and the author is prepared to be guided by our editors. We are looking for compelling storytelling, quality writing, strong central characters, good writing and a narrative that hooks the reader in and keeps their interest right to the end. We are on the lookout for books which will make the hairs on the back of our neck stand up, books which will travel across the world and be bought by readers worldwide.

In terms of non-fiction – we are looking for something that tells us something new, or a new slant on an existing topic. Again we are looking for a book that is well written, from an author with a unique and knowledgeable voice.

Get writing
Publishing has never been easier to break into, which makes it the perfect time for anyone who has always promised themselves they would write a bestseller – one day. Readers are now downloading more and more books both in hard copy and e-books. A reader can find out about a book they like the sound of and have it downloaded within minutes, 24 hours of every day, no matter where they are, just as long as they have an internet connection. This technology savvy audience is far more receptive to new authors and different genres than the traditional hard copy book buyer. We are thrilled to be part of this new world – come and join us. We can be contacted at info@lavenderandwhite.co.uk and would love to hear from you.