Independent authors wanted.

What can Lavender and White do for you?

There are three ways to publish a book, either through a traditional publisher, independently or via a hybrid publisher.

It is not impossible to follow the traditional route to get a book published, but it is difficult. There are so many books available and the margins in the industry have become so tight that, unless a book – or its author have the potential to sell really well, most companies cannot afford to publish it.  With a traditional publisher the author sells their rights to the book. The publisher will then require the author to rework the book so that it fits in with their brand. The publisher will have the cover designed also to fit in with their brand. The author is then paid a percentage of the cover price of the book.

Publishing independently was known as vanity publishing. The thoughts behind the disparaging tag ‘vanity publishing’ was that you were so vain and desperate to have your book published, that, if a ‘proper’ publishing company wouldn’t accept your manuscript you would pay a printing company to produce your book for you. Because of the expense involved in setting up the printing machinery, minimum orders often running into the hundreds or even thousands had to be printed. The intrepid self-publisher then had to sell all of those books themselves, with no market available other than friends, family and possibly local bookshops.

The hybrid publishing model is a modern term for which there are multiple publishing methods, most of these involve the author paying for part or all of the production and then the publishing company branding the book under their umbrella. This can work for some authors, they have access to a large marketing budget for their book and also by paying for the production they are given a higher royalty, or percentage of the cover price of the book.

At Lavender and White we provide services for independent authors, helping them to build their own brand with professional cover design, editing and production, so their book is of equal, or sometimes better quality than a traditional or hybrid one.

There is the awful belief that self or independently published book means just that, in other words the author has done everything themselves. No! This does not make sense. The skills involved in creating a product of the high quality required, is beyond the reach of the average writer. Editing, proof reading, typesetting, conversion, cover design, formatting are all skills acquired after a lot of training.

Our clients understand that their skillset is in writing the book, after which they take the sensible step then is to hire people with the necessary skills to produce a professional quality book. A writer’s time is valuable and the most productive thing they can do after finishing the book is to begin working on their next one after handing the book over to the production team.

Lavender and White do the hard work of book production. We have a team of editors who will work on your book after it has been initially reviewed to ensure it is of a reasonable quality. No first draft is ever perfect, we will not work with an author who thinks their book is too good to be improved by an editor. Our team are available to do the whole book production, from editing to proof reading, through to formatting, typesetting and cover design. We work with authors to ensure their finished book fulfils the vision they have for it, but equally we guide authors to make sure the book will have the best chance of selling wherever the author choses to market it.

Working with Lavender and White is the best decision an independent can make.