I’d write a book if I had the time


The internet is full of information about how to market your book, how to build a list of readers and how to retire and watch the money roll in. There are dozens of ads for companies promising to help promote your book, convert your files, design your cover. That is all very well if you are an established author, or if you have even one book written. Something we hear over and over again, even from our own authors is, ‘I’d love to write a book, if only I had the time.’

Thing is, you’ll never have the time, there will never be that golden chunk of glorious free time, when you are free from distractions and can finally sit down to write that book.

So what can you do? You can either forget about writing a book and start dreaming about winning the lottery instead, or you can make it happen. Here are out top tips for making the time to write. And that’s the important word – MAKING the time to write.

Making time is all about creating slots of time during your busy day to plan/write/rewrite.

Thinking time – plan your book carefully – you can do this in the shower, in the gym, while walking to work.

Keep a notebook in your pocket/handbag/car – anywhere it is easily accessible and jot down thoughts about your plot, the characters. The more you have done the easier writing will be.

Find writing time – Get up thirty minutes earlier, or go to be thirty minutes later – use that block of time. You can write on the bus, in your lunch break, even ten minutes a day will begin to mount up and you’ll feel that you are achieving something which will in turn inspire you to keep going.

Above all, make a start and keep going. We are more than happy to mentor you if you feel that you don’t know where to start, we really want to see you achieving your dreams. Anything is possible. If we did it, so can you.