How to stop wanting to write


Stop saying “I want to write” and replace it with “I am writing today – now in fact!”
Writers are born, not made. We grow up in a world separate from other mortals. We see potentials for novel plots while standing in the supermarket queue and are followed around by the characters we create. So why, if we long to write do we make it so hard for ourselves to do it?
When I have more time. When I’ve retired. When the children have left home. When the dog has told me the winning lottery numbers. When I’ve done more writing courses…. For writers we make great procrastinators. It is far easier to long to write than to actually sit down and see if we are capable of writing the plot have in our heads. Writing is hard and so we do anything to avoid doing it.
We all fear failure and we also fear success – the thought of people picking over what you have written and being convinced that the stunning blonde heroine, or dastardly murderer is based on them. But in order to write you have to get over that and focus on the creativity that has been given to you. Why wasn’t your farrier or the girl at the feed store given the same gift – because writers are special – and you should not deny your true self by not writing.
Writing is hard for everyone, yes even J K Rowling and Stephen King. But they didn’t churn out book after book by saying to themselves that they would write when they had the time. No – they darn well sat down and did it. And so can you. Do it today. Just sit down at the computer and write.

A book contains usually around 120,000 words or 400 odd pages. If you wrote two pages a day you will have a first draft completed in under 30 weeks. Revising and rewriting will take another 10 – 12 weeks, but before the year is out you could have a book finished. If that is an impossible target you can still find five minutes out of a day to write. Five minutes if that is all you have. In five minutes you could type a paragraph, just let the words flow, don’t even think about what you are writing – just write.
Tomorrow do the same. And keep going. You’ll soon have a chapter done and then another and another. Keep at it and you will have a book, it is that simple.