Copy Editing

Regardless of whether you are writing a novel, or publishing a treasured family diary, a vital part of the production process is the editing.

Working on your own manuscript can be very difficult as you are so involved in it and will undoubtedly not have an impartial view. At Lavender and White Publishing our skilled editors will ensure the general accuracy and consistency of the work and give advice on restructuring or re-writing if necessary.

This is a specialised service requiring an editor of considerable experience. The editor will focus on maintaining consistency of details in the book be it a novel or a personal family history. Our editor will also meticulously correct the grammar, spelling, and punctuation and make recommendations for improving the overall readability of the work.

At Lavender and White Publishing we develop a personal relationship with you and your project, communicating back and forth to improve your book. Most books need lots of attention from a caring and careful editor who is actually interested in the story you are trying to tell. This is the only way to ensure that you have a book you will be proud to have been associated with.