How authors can increase their blog traffic

If you are an independent author you are not only a writer, but also a business owner, the CEO of YOU. In order to grow and maintain a readership you need to establish yourself as a brand, something that people will recognise and identify with. It stands to reason that the more people know about you and your brand, the more books you will sell, which, surely is the point of writing.

A blog is a great way to grow your readership and to find readers who will be interested in what you are doing. Unfortunately there is more to writing a blog than just churning out words and sending them off into cyberspace in the hope that someone, somewhere will firstly find them and secondly actually be interested in what you are writing.

So – let’s find out how to get your blog noticed.

Writing a blog is just one of the many ways you can grow your audience and promote your brand. A blog is the perfect way to get your message across to a wide audience, but of course first you have to find readers, ideally without spending a fortune on advertising.

I’d be lying if I told you that it was easy to find thousands of readers and make a fortune from eager advertisers, but there are ways you can make the path easier.

Firstly, be professional:-

Post your blogs regularly. Look at your schedule and pick in the very least one day a week to post – and stick to that schedule regardless.

Proof read your blog to ensure spelling and grammar are correct.

Make sure your site looks professional and is visually appealing, with an ‘About Us’ page to explain what you and your blog are all about.

Plan your blogs. Nothing is worse than having made a block of time in which to blog and then have no clue what to write about. You can do this with a desk diary, or a spreadsheet.

Ideally have blogs written in advance, this helps if your ‘blog writing slot’ disappears when you have some crisis to deal with.

Write for your audience:-

There is such a wide audience out in cyberspace and your blogs have the potential to reach them.

Don’t lose your audience by too much self-promotion – remember the golden 20/80 rule. 20% promotion to 80% not.

In order to make sure the right people are reading them you have to know who you are writing for.

Have your ideal reader in mind when scheduling your blog posts. Are they wanting to find you funny, do they want professional writing tips, or just to hear you chat about your life and work?

If you know who you are writing for then you’ll more easily be able to write the type of blog they want and you will know where to find them online.

And so where are they?

Now of course you have to find those readers – and where better than social media, its free and easy and all you need is time.

Promote your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and any other social media you can think of. Facebook ads are fabulous, if you want to start to invest financially in your blog.

Be proactive, reach out to people, start chatting and sharing your posts.

And the most important piece of advice:- Just keep at it! If you enjoy writing your blog have the belief in yourself and the persistence and courage to keep going.